Hook You Up Outfitters will take you, your family, & friends on an educational, hands-on fishing trip and demonstrate how easy this pastime outdoor activity can be a lifelong & enjoyable new experience. Interested persons will get to use rent free, their own complete tackle combination suited for instructional courses from the novice to the very experienced sportsperson. Fishing during that particular session can range from Oama (juvenile Goat fish), various tropical reef fish, Ahole’hole, Weke, Moana & Kumu are (adult goatfish) to larger predatorial fish up the food chain such as, stick fish, Kaku (barracuda), O’io (bonefish), Mo’i (threadfin), Papio (juvenile Giant trevally under 10lbs), to the well sought after Ulu’a, which are GT’s from 10lbs to potentially 100lbs plus. 

Fishing days & times may vary from season-to-season, moon phases, tides, currents & wave conditions. 

Fishing tackle rod & reel packages all include:

  • X2 fishing pole combinations suited for each style of fishing demonstration for that day. 

  • Complete tackle box from light tackle 3’ - 15’ telescoping fishing poles to larger whipping & surf casting combinations.

  • Scoop net & bucket 

  • Sand or rock spike rod holder

  • Bait 



Fishing locations on Kaneohe Marine Base:

  • Fort Haussey

  • North Beach

  • Pyramid Rock

  • Cement Pier

Fishing locations on Hickam Air Force Base:

  • Pier & Break Wall 

  • The marina

  • Sand Flats

Public fishing locations on the east side of Oahu:

  • Kailua Kalama Beach Club

  • Kailua Lanikai Beach & Boat Ramp

  • Waimanalo beach

  • Waimanalo Makai Pier & Shoreline

  • Makapu Beach & Shoreline

  • Alan Davis (only Hike In Accessible)

  • Sandy Beach & Shoreline

  • Kaneohe Heeia Kea Pier


Hourly Rates For Shoreline Fishing Minimum 2 1/2hrs, which includes a 1/2hr Instruction & Demonstration. 

  • Children $65 For 2 ½hrs. Each Additional Hour is $20

  • Teens $75 For 2 ½hrs. Each Additional Hour is $20

  • Adults $75 For 2 ½hrs. Each Additional Hour is $20

  • Senior Citizens $65 for 2½hrs. Each Additional Hour is $20


  • Children 6yrs – 12yrs of age

  • Teens 13yrs – 17yrs of age

  • Adults 18yrs – 64yrs of age

  • Senior Citizens 65yrs Plus

Shoreline Fishing is done from Tuesday – Saturday

  • Dawn Patrol: 5:30am – 8:00am

  • Early Morning: 8:30am – 11:00am

  • Lunch: 11:30am – 2:00pm

  • Early Afternoon: 2:30pm – 5:00pm

  • Dusk: 5:30pm – 8:00pm

  • Evening: 8:30pm – 11:00pm

  • Midnight Special: 11:30pm – 2:00pm 

Our professional fishing services include consultations, installations and various educational offshore & deep-sea demonstrations. Courses from land will include various hands-on demonstrations of your choice the different styles & techniques of hook rigging, skirting of trolling lures & winging, bait rigging, jigging, bottom fishing & hand-line building from home or chosen location. Offshore & Deep-sea courses will be by the use of the boat owner, to increase & sharpen their personal skills in food gathering and tournament competitions. Interested fishermen can learn about basic bottom fishing techniques, trolling for papio to the larger pelagic's, which include, (Marlin, Ahi, Mahi, Ono, & Aku). In the offshore package, we will discuss the 5 W’ about lure sizes, types, color resemblance, and also show varied artificial lure presentations. We can also demonstrate how to rig dead bait for a lifelike presentation. Live bait demonstrations can also be included if the bait is cooperative to bite. 

At home or on-site consultations of tackle, accessories and hardware -- $50.00 per hr. minimum 1hrs. Outrigger and rod holder installation & rigging. Line changing, re-leadering, skirting, winging, & hook sharpening includes parts plus $50 and hour (minimum 1hr). 

Hands-on demonstrations courses of your choice include: the different styles & techniques of hook rigging, skirting of trolling lures, winging, bait rigging, jigging, bottom fishing & hand-line building, & any other fishing topic you would like to learn more about at home or chosen location -- $75hr min 1hr.

Hourly rates for Offshore (light trolling, bottom, & jig fishing) & Deep-Sea Sports Fishing classes or Tournament Hired Deck Hand (Plus 1/3 of winnings).

½ day 4hrs: $200
Full day 8hrs plus $400

Fishing times for offshore and deep-sea sports fishing classes are as follows:

  ½ day 4hr offshore & sportfishing classes:

  • Dawn Patrol: 5:30am – 9:30am

  • Early Morning: 10:30am – 2:30pm

  • Evening Bite: 3:00pm – 7:00pm



  Full day 8hrs plus time schedule for sportfishing classes and hired deck hand for tournaments are as follows: 

  • Dawn Patrol: 5:30 ---- 1:30 hrs plus 

Starting time Schedule for sportfishing tournaments is up to the committee & tournament directors. Each tournament starting time are all different & will abide by all rules and regulations. Time schedule example for 1- day sports-fishing tournament would be 5:30am shotgun start to 4:00pm stop fishing.



sonny@hookyouupoutfitters.com   |  Phone: (808) 590-3355